'Bred with Care, Reared with Love, Shown with Pride'


Hello and welcome to British-Shorthair.co.uk. Please feel free to browse my site to find a lot of interesting Information about my Cat as well as the responsibly and pleasure to own one.

I am a Hobby Breeder based in South East London. My Blue BSH Queens are registered on the active GCCF Register, fully tested, fit and healthy. In my current breeding program, I exclusively use Blue Self from quality bloodlines to ensure quality kittens.

I breed for quality, not quantity, maintaining the highest breeding standard to produce the finest Cat's.

All my Kittens are lovingly reared and looked after personally to ensure health and good temperament - and isn’t it lovely to spend some quality time with each of them...

I hope that you will enjoy your visit. If you require any further info please do not hesitate to contact me at info@british-shorthair.co.uk.


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