GCCF Breed Standard

GCCF Breed Standard

This is what good breeders are striving for when producing kittens. Show animals win more prizes the closer they are to these standards.

Head – Round face with full cheeks and good breath of skull with round underlying bone structure. The head should be set on a short thick neck. 

Nose – The nose itself should be short, broad and straight. In profile, a rounded forehead should lead to a short straight nose with a nose break that is neither too pronounced nor too shallow. 

Chin  A strong, firm and deep chin is essential. Any deviation from this to be considered a fault. The bite MUST be level, the tip of the chin to line up with the tip of the nose in the same vertical plane.

Ears – Small, rounded at the tips. Set far apart, fitting into (without distorting) the rounded contour of the head. External ear to be well covered with fur, internal furnishings not to be excessive. 

Eyes – Large, round and well-opened. Set wide apart with no tendency to Oriental shape. No squint. 

Body – Chubby type with short level back. Low on legs with broad deep chest. Equally massive across the shoulders and the rump. Medium to large, but not rangy. 

Legs & Paws – Short strong legs. Paws round and firm. Toes carried close, five on each forefoot (including dew-claw) and four on each back foot. 

Tail – Should be thick and of medium length, thicker at the base with rounded tip. 

Coat – Must be short, dense and crisp. A soft and / or overlong and fluffy coat is incorrect.