Settling in

An informational page to help your new pet(s) settle in successfully and quickly

Preparing for, and bringing a new kitten or cat is a very exciting time for everyone involved. To ensure the smoothest settling in period possible, there are a number of things that can be done before and after your baby(s) come home.


Choose and buy the following items and place them in their permanent places: 

  • A litter tray (I recommend a covered box that is spacious)
  • A litter scoop is also useful for cleaning up

I do not recommend litter liners as they just get ripped to pieces. Another useful buy is a litter mat to minimise the litter being kicked out and spread through your home.

Buy litter that your kitten / cat is used to, and your own choice of litter if you want to gradually change it (by mixing them together, gradually increasing the ratio over a week or two). Clumping litter is far more efficient than non-clumping litters. 

A suitable bed or soft cushion. Lots of people do buy these, but some kittens & cats prefer to sleep on the couch or your bed! 

A good activity centre, I think is a must. They come in loads of different sizes, suitable for all houses and budgets. Choose one that has a sturdy base to prevent it being pulled over, and make sure there are plenty of ‘scratchy’ areas! Most cats like to be high up so bear this in mind too 🙂 

Food bowls and food. Shallow bowls are good for kittens, as well as Persians and British Shorthairs. Choose metal or ceramic, avoiding plastic. Food should be chosen with care (see the feeding guide page). 

Water bowl or fountain. Again, avoid a plastic bowl. I recommend a water fountain as it encourages drinking. My cats love theirs!! 

Toys. There are literally tons of these available. Try balls, mice, interactive toys, feathers etc. Some toys require supervision and always throw out and replace any damaged toys. Catnip is a winner with a lot of cats. 

These are the basic needs of any cat, and what every owner will need. There are many other products available for cats. If you’re anything like me, you will find it oh so easy to get carried away ‘cat shopping’! 🙂 

One other thing I would recommend is a Feliway diffuser and spray. Plug in the diffuser a week before your new arrival is due to come home, it will help create a calm atmosphere. 


If you already have pets, it will take longer for your new baby(s) to settle in. They will probably be very frightened. Leave the door open on the carrier but don’t force them to come out. I personally don’t separate existing pets, unless there are signs of severe aggression.  

Make sure the litter tray, and food/water are easily accessible for the first few days, your new arrival may not want to venture far. Keep an eye on all pets and make sure they are calm with each other before leaving them alone. You will find that after a week that any hissing and slight aggression will subside and the household will be again be calm.

Continue using Feliway for as long as you want to, some people always use it, this is fine. Taking it slowly and carefully will pay off, patience will win the day!